Yoga is for All Shapes and Sizes

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Single people know how to keep busy, and as a matter of fact, many studies have shown that single men and women are more attractive than their married peers. They are also more active, make more money, look better, sleep more soundly, and are generally happier. Why? (watch here and find out).

Being a Bachelorette means you are busy, you are happy being busy, and you are content in your own self. Men WANTS you, you might WANT a man, but you don’t need one.

One of the many reasons, usually, is because single people do not have another person upon whom they expect will make them happy. They are resourceful and find things to do on their own…all in the while they make themselves more “marketable” in the online dating world, and are simply more desirable. Here, one of my favorite things to practice…YOGA.

The best thing about yoga is that the more a person practices it, the more flexible they will become.

What Is A “Typical” Yogi?

Are you the type of person who wants to try yoga, but are afraid because you do not think of yourself as a “typical” Yogi?  Many people believe that a “typical” Yogi is someone who is skinny, quiet and serene.  They are also supposed to be the same people who love meditating, eats all organic and raw foods and practices Reiki, aromatherapy and other alternative health methods.  


My Journey And Instructors

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During my journey with yoga, I have learned that these stereotypes are simply not true at all.

My favorite instructor at the moment is a bodybuilder who loves yoga, but also swears, talks about sex in a funny way, loves pizza and junk food, gets drunk and watches football.  Basically, your average typical guy. He’s a dark skinned Italian thirty-something year old who also competes in body building competitions, and his trophies are quite impressive. 

Another three of my instructors look like what everyone believes a “typical” Yogi looks like: skinny, flexible, and practices Reiki and Meditation. Another two of my instructors are muscular, and could easily blend in with other body builders.  However, they can bend in ways that I can only dream of!  As you can see, a Yogi can be many different shapes and sizes instead of just one size and shape.

Yoga is much more strength than flexibility.

Is Flexibility Necessary In Yoga?

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I have also discovered that yoga is not just for “flexible” people.  Since I’ve found that many people believe that people need to be “flexible” in order to practice yoga, I need to make sure that everyone understands that this is not true at all!

Whenever I hear someone tell me that they can’t do yoga because they are not flexible, I end up going into a long explanation of why they don’t need to be flexible.  Yoga is much more strength than flexibility.  The best thing about yoga is that the more a person practices it, the more flexible they will become.  

So, while many people will still have their preconceived notions of what a “typical” Yogi looks like and how they act, in reality they will only be talking about a very small group of people.

Poses And Strength

Imagine some of the typical yoga poses that everyone knows….. Warrior 1 and Warrior 2.  Yes, they both look easy and they are, however, now imagine holding those poses for a very long time.  That is the part that becomes increasingly difficult.  A person needs to have tremendous strength in order to hold any pose for a long time.

The same strength is needed for the head stands and handstand poses in yoga, because a person is putting their entire weight on their hands, forearms and shoulders.  


Types Of Yoga And What Type To Practice


Vinyasa flow yoga is helpful with burning fat, while Yin yoga increases flexibility.  Bikram yoga will challenge anyone’s strength.

One of the amazing things with yoga is that a person decides how they want yoga to enhance their life.  Do they only want to work on their flexibility and their strength or do they want to also incorporate Reiki, aromatherapy and massage?  

So, are you going to set aside your preconceived notions of what a “typical” yogi looks like and give it a try?  I bet that you will be surprised at how good you will feel after just one class and how your confidence will soar with your accomplishments! Don’t want to try yoga? Try chair fitness, Pilates, Tracy Anderson, or one of many fun things to do here.




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