Why Lying In Your Online Dating Profile Is Just Plain Dumb


Why Lying In Your Online Dating Profile Is Just Plain Dumb


What Most People Do With Their Online Dating Profile

When some people are filling out their online dating profile, they try to masque who they really are instead of being their own authentic self.

Let me tell you why this is just plain stupid!

When a person lies it is because of low self esteem.  The person believes that they are not interesting enough to get the attention that they want or deserve.

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”  Coco Chanel


What People Are Looking For With Online Dating

People using online dating forums are looking for people who are authentic, fun and loving.  If you think about it, you want someone who will bring joy into your life, right???

I don’t believe you go out on a date with someone with the expectation that they tell you all about their personal issues and ruin the evening.

Most people make friends, network with others and improve themselves in order to bring positivity into their lives.  They usually do not try to find problems that will make their lives more difficult, so why should you??

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”  Judy Garland

Your Online Dating Profile

I’m not saying that you should write about all of your problems when you are filling out your profile, because then no one will want to date you.  It is perfectly okay to just write about your positive qualities and as long as you’re modest and humble, you can sell yourself a little bit in your profile.  It even helps if you add a touch of humor


However, you should never blatantly lie about your relationship status or basic demographic information, like age, sex, job, or where you live.  If you lie about these items in order to seem more appealing, then it is a sign of low self esteem and you will be rejected over and over again.


When most people lie about any of these items, they are hoping that after long emails and conversations, the other person will overlook the fact that they are 42 years old instead of 25.  They believe that after a person gets to know them, the person will be so mesmerized, that they will no longer care about their original criteria for dating.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

When The Truth Comes Out

When the truth comes out, be prepared.  People are cruel, men are cruel and it is very easy to be cruel to someone that you have never met.

You have had quite a few chatting sessions and text fests and you decide to tell him the truth, you need to be prepared that he may be mean and say mean things to you.

The chance that he will still like you is slim to none.  It just isn’t going to happen, because this isn’t Hollywood and you need to wake up to the reality of life!

There is a chance that the things you lied about wouldn’t really be a bad thing to another person, but the fact that you LIED is bad.  The other person may not have cared that you were 42 instead of 24, but since he believed you were 24 for weeks before telling him the truth is not going to have the same happy ending.

You never know what someone else’s preference is, so just be yourself and trust that the right man will come



If you are honest from the start, you may be surprised as to how others perceive you.  What you think are negative qualities may actually turn a lot of people on.

Think you’re too fat?? Some men actually love a voluptuous woman.

Think you’re too old for those 30 something guys??  Some men love dating older women.

You never know what someone else’s preference is, so just be yourself and trust that the right man will come.  Until then, keep busy and have faith.  (Read my articles on 15 things to do to keep busy and first learn to live by yourself).

As you write your online dating profile, don’t scrutinize who you really are.  Write accurate information about yourself and what you like to do.  There will be a guy out there who is looking for you, just the way that you are.


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