Try something new: Pole Dancing Classes


How I Decided To Take A Pole Dancing Class

I was looking on Groupon one day, trying to find a fun and new activity to do when I saw a promotion for pole dancing classes. The package included 10 classes and I would only have to pay 25% of the normal price, which meant that I would save over $110.

The instructions on the Groupon stated that I should wear shorts, because I needed skin contact in order to stay on the pole. It also stated that I could wear heels, but I wasn’t going to push my luck, especially at the first class.

My First Pole Dancing Class

When I arrived, the room was a little dark and I knew that was to set the mood. We spent the first 10-15 minutes of class warming up and then we prepared the pole by spraying alcohol on it and wiping it down. Besides helping keep the pole sanitary, it also made it a little sticky.

Our first lesson was how to strut like a model as we were walking around the pole holding on with one hand. Once we mastered the walk, we were told to lift both of our legs for an easy spin. I found out that the walking was necessary before the spin, so that a person could gain momentum for the spin.

Our first lesson was how to strut like a model as we were walking around the pole.

Continuing My Pole Dancing Lessons

Once we had mastered the basic spin, we were taught spins that required only one leg on the pole, like the chair spin. Thankfully that one was fun and easy to do! I found that depending on what spin I was doing, my hands had to be placed differently on the pole.

Next we learned how to climb the pole and that takes a lot of upper thigh strength. I found that it wasn’t easy to hold myself up there, but the worst was sliding back down the pole. Imagine your skin sliding down a sticky pole and how it must feel like your skin is going to rub off. It hurt! The instructor assured us that we would get used to it and that the pole was designed in a way that we would not get tears in our skin.


What I Have Decided About Pole Dancing

I have decided that pole dancing is definitely a workout! Besides learning all of the moves on the pole, we were also taught a few floor movements and back bends. By the last class, we had a short routine that included spins, walks, climbs, floor work and a sexy descend.

Besides learning all of the moves, we were also taught a few floor movements and back bends.

I’ve taken a few classes since then and just signed up for a 4 week intensive beginner session with a friend. The instructor at this new studio is the author of “Idiot’s Guide To Pole Dancing”.

I am looking forward to what I might learn from this instructor. Check back in 4 weeks, because I’ll be letting you know what it was like.


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