the WORST possible answer you can give to “What are you doing?”


Own Your Life – Never Say That You Are Not Busy


There are very few people in the world that do not do anything in their free time, so no one should ever be saying “nothing” or that they are “still working” when someone asks what they are doing.  Everyone needs to be honest and tell people the truth about what they are doing.

For example, it’s summertime here, which means I can do more outdoor activities.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with my girlfriends and we’ve been trying new activities together, like pole dancing, or other new stuff.

This is a real photo of Sophia

One of my best friends is Sophia.  She’s a hair stylist who also just happened to go through a divorce from the only guy she’s ever been with.  Since I happen to be a Bachelorette and a seasoned dater, I know that I can help her through this stage in her life.


Sophia’s full life

Sophia and I went flying on a helicopter recently, a friend owns that $785k bird
Sophia and I went flying on a helicopter recently, a friend owns that $785k bird

As I’ve gotten to know Sophia more and more, I have come to find that her life is as fulfilled as my own.  She’s constantly being invited to hair shows in NYC and Boston, so that she can style models’ hair.

She is friends with many people, including the super rich and millionaires who are as normal as can be

This is Sophia traveling
She loves to travel and have been far and wide around the world

Sophia travels quite a bit as well and she has been to places that I had never heard about until recently, like Provincetown and Block Island.  She is friends with many people, including the super rich and millionaires who are as normal as can be.  Many of her friends live all over the world and they have had many unique experiences that they share with her.

Sophia also does yoga and is preparing for her yoga teacher certification.  She owns her own place and she belongs to a book club too.


Sophia’s One BIGGEST Problem

The only problem that Sophia has is that whenever anyone asks her, “Hey, what are you doing?” she always says “nothing” or “I’m working”.  These are very boring answers that do not accurately describe her life at all!

Since I decided that I was the one to help her learn about being a true Bachelorette, I know that I need to teach her how to SELL HERSELF, so that she can be successful when she starts dating or online dating.



If I were to ask a potential date what they were doing on a Friday or Saturday night and they told me “nothing”, I would most likely assume that they were boring and that they never did anything.

If Sophia were to give that answer to a potential date, they would assume the same thing.  Since we know quite a bit about Sophia, we know that this is not true about her life, because she lives her life to the fullest.


Busy Or Boring

People who appear to be busy all of the time always seem more interesting to others.

The book, “The Rules”, was widely popular with everyone around the world, because it talked about how people could fake being busy.


The first few dates with a person are very crucial and this is for online dating or any other type of dating.  Each person can make snap judgments from what the other person is saying or doing during the date.

This is why everyone needs to learn how to sell themselves during a date.

I’m not saying that anyone should lie during a date.  I’m just saying that people need to respond in a more interesting way.


Examples of responses:


Question:  “Hey, what are you doing right now?”

Boring answer:  “Working, same old same old.”

Interesting answer:  “Putting some super blonde streaks in one of my client’s hair.  She is so hilarious and I love her!  Her hair is looking fabulous!  I am so talented, LOL!”


Question: “Hey, what are you doing later?”

Boring answer: “Nothing.  I’m probably just going home since I’ve had a long day at work.”

Interesting answer: “ I’m exhausted as hell!  I’m going HOME!  Haha, I’m going to relax with a glass of wine and watch some Netflix.  It was a super long day with back to back clients and tomorrow will be the same.  So, tonight I’m going to chill with some wine, because I’m going to need it!”


Question: “Hey, what are you doing this weekend?”

Boring answer: “Nothing much.  I’m probably going to do some stuff in my room, but that’s it.”

Interesting answer: “Ergh, I have so much to do!  I even had to decline a few dinner invites.  I’m going to do some spring cleaning and redo my entire bedroom.  It really needs a makeover!  Do you want to volunteer to help me out at Home Depot or be my handyman for the weekend?  Haha!”


Own Your Life

Everyone leads an interesting life and no one is ever doing “nothing”.  Even if a person is watching television and drinking wine, they are still doing something.  Everyone just needs to learn to say what they are doing in a more interesting way.

reading a book

The old adage, “You are what your thoughts are” is very true.  If you think that you are a very busy and interesting person, then you ARE.  If you think that you lead a boring life, then all of your responses will sound like you do.


So, whenever a guy asks you what you are doing, be prepared with an answer.  Pretend that whatever you are doing is really interesting and answer accordingly.

You will probably be surprised at how others respond to you and how you perceive yourself.



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