The chubby firefighter, the Vice President, and other interesting men I’ve met in the dating world

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Bachelorette Perks

There are a lot of perks that come with being a Bachelorette.  One of my favorite perks is that I get to go out on dates with many interesting people I met from my online dating adventures.  Yes, some of these people have been boring, but most of them have not.  

As I have gone out with these interesting people, I have learned many new things that I may not have discovered on my own.  I definitely will never forget everything that these people have taught me and am quite happy that I allowed myself the opportunity to meet people with different life experiences than my own.  



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A 38 year old businessman who has his own airplane actually flew me to Nantucket to have lunch with him for our second date.  Even though we are no longer “dating”, we have remained friends and I continue to learn a lot from him.  

He introduced me to the world of aviation and I learned that pilots do not need degrees from an engineering school in order to fly.  Anyone can fly a plane, as long as they take lessons and pass the exam, very much like getting a regular license to drive a car! This discovery was shocking to me. I did ended up taking lessons, and the experiences I had will be with me forever.

I was able to listen to many stories of some of his “stupidest police calls” as well as some of his regular phone calls, some are hilarious as hell


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As soon as I raised my dating standards, I started dating this 42 year old Scottish man who is Vice President of Manufacturing at his company.  I dated him for a year and found his accent very intriguing.  His life consists of continuous travel in first class and he deals with a lot of regulatory agencies from around the world who produces his company’s products.

During my time with him, I discovered that an airline will pay for a brand new suit if they end up losing a person’s luggage.  Life is different in first class, I suppose. When my airline lost my suitcase years ago the only thing I got was an apology.

just go on a date, expect little, have a lot of fun


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I dated a 39 year old police officer while I was going through a divorce and remained friends with him for a long time after our dating time together.  I learned how many police details are paid and was surprised to learn that most of them are not paid for by the city or taxes.  

I was able to listen to many stories of some of his “stupidest police calls” as well as some of his regular phone calls, some are hilarious as hell: mom and daughter called the police due to an altercation started over who owned this particular brand of jeans; towners called when their streets aren’t plowed to their satisfaction; one woman called because she had flung a knife at her husband—she flung kitchen knives at him “until one stuck”.


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I met a 35 year old man who owned six Sunoco gas stations and was shocked to find out that he only earned about $120 thousand a year.  Apparently owning gas stations is not as lucrative as owning or working at other businesses.  


26324824 - firefighter - firemen extinguishing a large blaze, they are standing with protective wear in front of wall of fire

I also dated a firefighter once and let me tell you, not all firefighters are hot!  I met all of the guys that he worked with and every single one of them had beer bellies and they were not that great looking.  

Hollywood seems to glamorize firefighters in shows like Chicago Fire, but it real life, they are not all in great shape.   



me with teh airplane

As you can see, I have met many men and none of them are even remotely the same.  They all have their individual qualities and life experiences that I could learn from.  This is why everyone should never say that they will only date a certain type of person or that they will never date certain types of people.  

You never know who you may learn something interesting from…….Just go on a date, expect little, have a lot of fun, and go with an open mind. Read my post on how not to put all your eggs in one basket, it’s just a first date.

Get yourself on a date, sign up with Eharmony or any other online dating platform today. Who knows who you will meet next?



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