Why you lost his interest: texting errors you are committing RIGHT NOW


In initial contact on online dating, many conversations do not lead to anything. After a while one can be very frustrated with the whole process. It is crucial that your initial conversation isn’t boring and include some of the following messages.

What not to do

Unless you know that person in real world, you don’t start with words or sentences like

hey, or

what are you up to? or

How was your weekend

You would easily give the other person an impression that you’re BOTH bored and boring while in the real sense you were trying to create some fun. The real truth is that no one wants to entertain you when you show them you’re this bored and boring when messaging them for the first time. Also popular women are bombarded with hundreds of messages at a time, so these messages do not stand out (watch my Tinder Social Experiment here)

What to do

Instead of using that old school method, try these:

“Hey, I had the worse headache, definitely had too much to drink last night, I’m regretting that 5th shot I took! Haha. What about you, is your day any better?”


The above message tells the other 3 things about you: first, it conveys the message that you’re such a fun person and have interest or hobbies for some certain things. When you use the word “Haha” properly, you’re guaranteed to soften anything you say (emoticons accomplish the same). “What about you, is yours any better?” is an open ended question that forces the recipient to now share their day with you, since you’ve just shared yours. If you didn’t have a question, the reader might respond in a rather awkward way like:

“oh nice” or

“very cool!” or

“that sounds like fun!”

When they start responding like in the above sentences, you feel discouraged too and lose motivation to keep the conversation going. Likewise, do not send these messages either. Complete the sentence.

”Oh that sounds like fun! I wish I was out drinking 5 shots, I enjoyed some quiet time to myself, reading a book with coffee and a muffin.”

Ask questions that demand replies

Now when you complete the sentence like the example above, at least you give the other person something to work with. They could go on to ask you what book you read, what genre you like, how often do you have time to read? Or they could zone in on the first part of your statement and ask what kind of shots you normally like, or ask what bars you frequent.

The point is, it keeps the conversation moving.

Be responsive

Understand, that when you use these:


“That’s nice”

“Oh really”

“Hey how was your day”

These are things which I like to call “conversation stoppers”. The other party might be under the impression you’re not interested in talking with them but just being “polite”.


Think about it, the last time someone you didn’t want to talk to you when they send you a message, didn’t you just answer with one or two words? Didn’t you wait a few minutes, or hours, before answering, just so you didn’t have to be stuck in a text with someone you didn’t want to talk to? So if you are actually interested in someone, please don’t use conversation stoppers. They are really annoying.


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