Social Experiment: Guys vs. Girls reaction to a Tinder date with a fat person

How Men React on a Tinder Date When a Woman Shows up Much Larger Than her Online Pictures


How Women React on a Tinder Date When a Man Shows up Much Larger Than his Online Pictures

The Videos

I was slightly shocked when I saw these experiment videos, but I guess that I

shouldn’t have been! I have probably known for years that guys are always going

to react differently than a girl does when they come across something that they are

not expecting.

the girls handled it with a lot more grace and sincerity than the guys did

SUMMARY: Tinder Fat Girl Date

I’m going to talk about the Tinder Fat Girl Date first, because it was quite shocking

to me.

The girl had posted pictures of herself on Tinder at the weight that she really is, but

then put on a fat suit and makeup to go meet her five dates for the day.

Each of the guys that showed up seemed really surprised when they met her. Four

of the guys were actually really annoyed and thought that it was a waste of time for

them to even go there to meet with her. They didn’t really want to talk to her about

anything except for the fact that she lied to them about her weight.

“Are You Pregnant?”

One of the guys actually asked her if she was pregnant and another asked her if she

loved to eat and if she wanted a 13 course meal. These two guys ended up walking

away from her and leaving.

“I need to use the bathroom”

One guy used the excuse that he needed to use the bathroom and then never

returned. The fourth guy told her that he was married and that he had to leave right


One Nice Guy

Only one of the guys was really nice to her and tried to actually get to know her.

She did let him know at the end of their meeting that this was a social experiment

and that he was the only one that was polite to her even though she didn’t look like

her picture. He was surprised, of course, that she really wasn’t fat, but said that he

stayed because she was so nice.

The Tinder Fat Guy Date was totally different.

The guy had posted pictures of his real self, but then put on the fat suit and makeup

for his first dates with the girls.

A couple of the girls even gave him a hug.

While the guys were hesitant to even go up to the fat girl, the girls didn’t hesitate

as much going up to the fat guy. A couple of the girls even gave him a hug.

For this experiment, the girls were actually carrying on a conversation and getting

to know the guy. There was laughing and you could tell that they were at least

having a good time together during the meeting.

All The Women Were Nice

None of the girls were being rude at all and you could see that they were making

the best of the situation. A couple of the girls were even willing to go on another

date with the guy even though he wasn’t the person that they thought they were

meeting from the original pictures.


girls are more forgiving about a guy’s looks and more willing to at

least let the guy have a chance

I’m not sure if they were just being nice or if they were going to try to find a way

to get out of the next date by sending him a text or an email.

My Thoughts

I can see both the guys and girls point of view as they were meeting their date from

Tinder. They were expecting the person to look a certain way, because of the

pictures that they had seen online. They weren’t expecting the person to look a lot

heavier and I can see how this can be interpreted as lying.


Women Are More Polite Than Men

However, the girls handled it with a lot more grace and sincerity than the guys did.

This leads me to believe that the guys are more concerned about a girl’s looks than

maybe the girl herself. I’m thinking that this should worry us girls a whole lot

more, because we need to be really careful about who we are dating and why they

are with us.

I decided that girls are more forgiving about a guy’s looks and more willing to at

least let the guy have a chance. How a person acts and portrays themselves is more

important than how they look.

Now, the lying about how they looked wasn’t the right thing to do and I can

definitely see why the guys were upset with the girl. No one wants to be lied to,

even if it is just an experiment.

Real Life Online Dating

Even though this was an experiment, this happens all of the time on dating

websites. Both men and women are trying to portray themselves as the perfect

person that people want to date. People are only going to show their best photos

and give out the information that they want others to know.

Text Me First!

This is why it is necessary to have multiple email or texting conversations before

meeting someone for the first time. These conversations will help you find out if

the person is being truthful with the information that they are sharing on the dating



Courtesy Goes A Long Way

If you do happen to meet up with a person who has not shared current pictures and

they are heavier than you thought they would be, you should still be nice to them.

Don’t get me wrong, you should still tell them that they lied to you and that it is a

dealbreaker in your opinion and that you can never date them because of that. You

can just do it in a nice and polite way, AFTER they have bought you a cup of



These videos are proof that everyone needs to be honest on their online dating

profiles. There is the perfect person out there for everyone, we just all need to be

patient until we find that person.



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