SCIENCE SAYS: this is who you should be dating

Do we have a type of romantic interest we always fall for?

Science says YES! There are 4 basic categories of people we fall for:

  • The Explorers (the “bad boy”, who likes to engage in risky behaviors, and has a wild temperament)
  • The Builder (the sociable like-able person everyone in town loves and knows as the go-to person)
  • The Director (the “alpha male”, usually possess characteristics of leaders, typically men with fancy titles in their respective field)
  • The Negotiator (the “beta” male: empathetic and compassionate)

the first two attract likes:

Explorers like other explorers, and builders like other builders. However the last two are opposites attract: Directors like negotiators, and vice versa.

Well, there can’t exactly be two CEO’s in one company! But of course, other factors are at play and it’s not all that simple.

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