ONLINE Dating Safety Tips every Woman must know

Online Dating Safety

So you caught his attention, you played all the cards right, and he finally asked you out on the first date. You’re super excited, but also a little scared. What if he’s a serial killer? What steps can I take to make sure I meet him safely?

Here are some ground rules to keep in mind for the first date:

1. Meet in public place. make it a lunch date, or a coffee date. Bars and alcoholic beverages the first time you meet someone is not recommended, for many obvious reasons.

2. Never ever ever, let a guy pick you up. Drive in your own car, meet in a public place. This way he does not know where you live or work, and if he doesn’t behave, you can leave.

A coffee shop or a decent lunch place where the Police Station is near there, meet there.

3. If you know of a coffee shop or a decent lunch place where the Police Station is near there, meet there. Perhaps a town deli shop that the local authorities frequently visit?

4. If you do not feel comfortable giving out your phone number, try Google Voice, or simply Google Hangouts, or any of the other chatting apps that do not require phone numbers for the other party to find you. Some common ones are Kik, or Skype.

5. If you feel compelled to do so, Google his name and see what comes up, or check to see if his name is in the Sex Offenders Registry. For a thorough search, can locate past criminal records. Of course these things require the awkwardness of having to ask for his last name.

6. Let a friend you trust know exactly where you are, and tell that person you will call him/her once the date is over, to inform him/her that you are safe (texting is not good enough in this situation, make it a phone call). If he or she does not hear from you, take action and contact local authorities! Better be safe than sorry.


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