Online Dating Profile 4 BULLSHIT things people say (and don’t know it)

never use in profile

I see these 4 sayings very often, and the sad truth is, the writer doesn’t realize it’s complete B-S

>> “I’m very picky”

>> “I’m family oriented”

>> “I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever met”

>> “I look younger then ____ (insert real age here)”

Let’s talk about each of these individually.

“I’m very picky”

I have never met one person who has ever agreed that they are not picky. They will not admit it to themselves, let alone you.

Real life story:

I met a guy who was very chiseled and handsome who claims that he is “very picky”. After two dates I decided that we weren’t a good match, but we ended up becoming very good friends. It was after we became friends that his authentic self began to show and he confessed something to me. He told me that he has sex with women on a very regular basis and he doesn’t care about their age, name, marital status or personality. [read here on “how to tell if all he wants is sex”]

“I’m family oriented”

There are very few people that will say that they are not close with their family. However, some people only see their family twice a year and while they are emotionally close with their family, they are not really close. Most of the time, people who are close to their family will spend lots of time with them.


This is more of what people are looking for when they see that someone says that they are family oriented. The best way to see if a person really is family oriented is to ask them when the last time they saw or talked to someone in their family.

People who are close to their family will spend lots of time with them.

“I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever met”

This statement is true for anyone, unless someone has the ability to clone themselves, including their personality.

“I look younger than _____ (insert real age)”

I have met 4 men who are 45 years old and they all claimed that they looked younger than their age. When I met them in person, they all looked 45 years old. Ladies, do not waste your time. If you want to try to believe someone, look at their photos first and see if you can find the truth.

Real life story:

I received a message from a 42 year old doctor, whose photos looked very young and he was fit and athletic looking as well. I was 28 at the time and while 42 was a little older than what I was looking for, we had some great conversations and he made me laugh. I agreed to meet with him at a Starbucks and when I walked in I did not recognize him at all. The man that I met was 50 pounds heavier and 10 years older than what the photos showed. I still wonder how old those photos were.

Most people over the age of 40 will have a variation of this in their profile. It is almost never true. Many times people cannot accept that they are aging and they do not see the wrinkles and frown lines.

If you want to try to believe someone, look at their photos first.

real age

Your Profile Page

When writing a profile page, try to avoid writing all of these, especially number 4. It will always show your insecurity and it will never intrigue anyone. You are wasting my time and you are cheating by manipulating the age search parameters. If you are really that insecure, then don’t bring it up. Never lie about your age either.

Please read my post on “10 things to never put in your profile” or “10 types of men never to date” for other profile information.


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