Online Dating: 9 Things To Never Ever Use In Your Profile


Ladies, if you’re trying out online dating sites, you should be aware of the men who have these following lines in their profiles. They are definitely warning signs, so guys, do us all a favor and see what you shouldn’t be using in your profiles.

Here are the 9 things that you should be wary of:

1. “I am 10 years older than my profile says”

a. A man saying this is obviously embarrassed about his age.
b. During a search, people are able to use an “age range”. Even though the person is being honest about their age somewhere, they are still trying to manipulate the search results.

2. “I’ll say we met at a bar”

If you are embarrassed by online dating, then you shouldn’t be on the site.

We are not crazy, we are emotional and only men that know this deserve our attention.

3. “Crazy women need not apply”

a. This person is being disrespectful if they are thinking that women are crazy. We are not crazy, we are emotional and only men that know this deserve our attention.
b. We should not have to prove ourselves to anyone and this makes it sound like you hate women.

4. “Giving this a second chance”

Anyone that says this in their profile will probably continue on with saying that they’ve met a lot of crazy people and that online dating is terrible. We are on here so we can add some fun to our lives, not to spend our time with a guy who is miserable.


5. The words “sexy, sex or fun” anywhere in the profile name

The guys that use these words are only looking for sex. With that being said, don’t use them in your profile either, unless that really is all that you are looking for.

6. Any misspelled words or bad grammar or nothing written in their “about me” section

This will always mean that the person doesn’t care enough to spend the time creating a good profile.

We should not have to prove ourselves to anyone and this makes it sound like you hate women.

7. “Pay your half on the first date”

a. No one will want to go out with a guy that is already acting like a jerk before you meet them.
b. Some guys will actually say this right in their profile and use the excuse that they could easily spend $10,000 a year on dates if they didn’t do this. How many first dates is he going on in order for him to save so much money?

pay on date

8. Chooses “dating or no commitment” option instead of the “relationship” option, for what he is looking for

Most ladies will ignore this when we see it, because we think that we can change their mind. Then we wonder why he’s breaking up with us in 6 months because things are moving too fast.

9. His status is “separated”

a. If they have already filed for divorce then it is totally different than waiting for a date to file for divorce.
b. Beware, some men will set their status to single even though they are separated and haven’t filed for divorce yet. I met two such men. They told me on the first date, but it was still not a status I was interested in.

As long as you use this as a guideline, you should be able to weed out some of the men that would be a waste of your time. It will be easier for you to then concentrate on finding the man of your dreams.


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