My personal experience with Winsor Pilates


Thank goodness for fitness DVDs

At the age of 16, I was living in a very poor neighborhood, and my family was still at the point in our life where we didn’t have the money to spend on leisure activities. I wasn’t afforded the opportunities that many other girls were, like being in girls scout, going camping, or participating in any extracurriculars other than those offered to me through my local public school.

Still wishing to keep myself in shape, I was in search of an affordable way to tone and shape my body. One day, I came across some  fitness DVDs when an interesting one caught my eye. Luckily for me, it was  on clearance in the basement of FYE for $2 and I bought it, immediately seizing the great deal.

It was some sort of yoga DVD by Denise Austin. I found the DVDs engaging and the names of the moves were interesting and unique, such as  “sun salutation A” and “the one hundred”. I eventually purchased a few more DVDs from Denise Austin….usually whatever I was able to find on clearance.

Discovering Winsor Pilates

One night while watching TV, an infomercial for Winsor Pilates came on. It was very convincing, with women’s before and after photos that were very desirable. For me, it seemed like another excellent program to add into my workout rotation and something that was a little more intensive than yoga. I looked at the well-toned abs of the ladies on the infomercial with envy, wishing I could get those same results. Making the decision to splurge, I made the purchase before the infomercial was even over, incredibly excited to try this new program.

I found one significant problem with the Winsor Pilates program;too many of the moves were centered around lying on your back

Winsor Pilates

If I already had strong abs, I wouldn’t have bought this

Sure enough, Pilates truly was a hardcore ab workout. Another thing that I liked about the DVDs was the fun atmosphere that it created with the straps, the mat, and all of the women who were smiling on the floor. I found one significant problem with the Winsor Pilates program;too many of the moves were centered around lying on your back and lifting your legs and shoulders, for example “the one hundred”, the “bicycle”, and the “scissors”.

I was quickly hurting my neck….which I realize years and years later is due to the fact that my abs were weak so I was using my neck to lift myself instead of using my abs. The way the exercises were structured required a good deal of ab strength from the beginning in order to properly execute the moves without straining your neck and back. This format made me realize that this specific program wasn’t for me, because I bought the DVD  in order to help strengthen my abs. If I already had strong abs, I wouldn’t have made the purchase in the first place.

My abs were weak so I was using my neck to lift myself instead of using my abs.

Deciding it wasn’t for me

I also couldn’t help but notice that the woman who created the program, “Winsor” Pilates, was never actually doing any of the moves. She only walks around and talks about the moves throughout the DVD sessions. I still ponder about that today. If she created the program as she claims, and is strong enough to execute the move, then why didn’t she do it herself like all the other fitness gurus?


It still has strengths I have to recognize

I recognize how Pilates is great, and I will acknowledge the power of its moves, but I quickly decided that it was not for me. It felt too much like “work” to perform the moves. For me, I wanted a fitness regimen that I could look forward to, not one that was always difficult for me to get through.

Today I could still do the “one hundred” like nobody else’s business, as well as 100 of the scissors or the bicycle since my abs are much stronger today than they have ever been, but have yet to venture back into this particular fitness modality. Perhaps one day, I will, when I have already mastered all the poses I want to with my current  and preferred fitness modality: YOGA.


I recommend that my patients do core type exercises, and that’s what pilates exercises are” Dr. Howard Liebowitz, longevity expert.I feel that it is the single most important thing you can do to keep in shape and to keep yourself healthy and fit.”
William Friedkin, Academy Award winning director

This is my 2nd video I have purchased from Cassey and I have to say I am impressed, I just adore her. She is so good at keeping you at a good pace and making me feel like I can conquer everything at my own time. It’s hard in the best way possible, and I definitely felt sore the next day.

Great workout! I was a bit skeptical but she is no joke! Even if I only do one or two of the ~10 minute workouts I can feel the difference. Winsor pilates has nothing on this workout! Definitely recommend for the intermediate/advanced pilates lover:)


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