An Online Dating Website You Should Try


Technology has made our lives easier in ways more than one, even when it comes to finding a date. With the help of an online dating website, you can easily find a match. With the abundance of the choices, however, which one should you pick? I have personally tried, and here are some of the things that I think about the website.

Things You Should Know About

· This is an online dating website that has an extremely large community. There are three times more men than women.

· This is a paid online dating website. The average monthly cost of membership is $30. Price will be affected by current promotions and the number of months that will be pre-paid.

· Most of the members are those who are looking for serious dates and relationships. After all, they would not pay for membership if they are not serious as they can always resort to free dating platforms.


This is an online dating website that has an extremely large community.

What to Expect from

· Browse and filter profiles of other members

· Upon signing up, as a sort of welcome gift, your profile will appear on top of the search results. Therefore, expect that you will be receiving tons of emails.

· Filtered Mail feature lets you to clear your inbox from messages of members who do not pass your criteria

· Singles Mingles is an event held every week. For $5, you meet in a bar with about 20-30 other members. You just have to pay for your drinks.

· Speed dating events are also hosted to help singles find their perfect match


· With a large community of members, there is a high chance of finding your match


· Comes with a convenient mobile app

· Allows you to easily see members who are online. It also shows the last time a member has logged-in.

There is a high chance of finding your match and also comes with a convenient Mobile App


· While you can block members, you can only do this through their usernames and not through specific parameters

· After a few months of being a member, the number of emails you receive will be significantly lesser. You have to make additional payments to be featured on the front page, but such will only be good for an hour.

In summary, will indeed prove to be an excellent choice for those who are willing to pay for monthly subscriptions and meet people who are serious about finding a date. With a large member community and tons of added features, this is an online dating website that can provide the best value for money.

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