How to Create a Killer Online Dating Profile


Online dating can be tough as well as fun when done the right way, especially when you are surrounded with so many people who are also interested in searching for the perfect match.

Creating an online dating profile is pretty much like creating your career resume, you definitely have to make it look professional and eye-catchy to impress employees in such a way they would have no option but pick you up for the job. Everyone wants to connect with that angel who will take care of them and that’s why your online dating profile has to depict all this vital information.

Here, I would like to share with you some online dating tips for both men and women on how to create an effective and attention-grabbing online dating profile that will guarantee dates.

Create a Catchy Profile

The content of your profile tells everything about the kind of person you are, take your time and make sure it stands out. You definitely don’t want to include short sentences like

I’m down to earth, I love pizza, I enjoy watching sports.

You sound like any other human being, this doesnt make you stand out, it does not make you unique. If you’re one of the 90% of men and women who do this, then chances are your profile will never bag any date. Be creative and go straight forward and tell your potential match who you are, the idea is that if someone is interested in you, they will ask for more of such information personally.

Be creative and go straight forward and tell your potential match who you are.

Be Responsive

Because first impression always matters, it’s very important to carefully choose your words when responding to your potential match. You want to create a good impression in the first place and not like those who would write something like ask me on their profile only to get answers like “what do you want to know” when you contact them.


Keep It Short And Sweet

It is necessary to write a concise bio about your life but it is also important to keep that story short and to the point, most people won’t even bother going through any profile that is too long.

It is also important to keep bio short and to the point.

Be Specific

One of the few rules that attract people to your online dating profile is being honest and specific about yourself. Instead of writing

I am close with my friends and family.


I’m very close with my mother, my sister is my best friend who loves to challenge me, I still keep in touch with some guys from college and we get together for football frequently during football season.

Says the same thing, but quite a difference, isn’t it?

Always remember that your potential match always wants to know every single detail about who they will be going out with.


Sell Yourself

If you don’t do this part yourself, who will? Of course no one will know how intelligent, smart or funny you are unless you show it or tell them. Your online dating profile should include a little bit of bragging…but not snobby. This line usually does the trick like magic: my friends describe me as [insert 3-4 characteristics here] or, a list of “ten things about me” works really well. I like to be a little funny here, but basically this is where I brag.

Your online dating profile should include a little bit of bragging…but not snobby.

The truth is that everyone has those interesting qualities; you just have to know how to sell them to your potential profile visitors. If you are a guy and did not do any of these, don’t expect women to come on your door asking questions.


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