Happiness is an Attitude: Are you a Pessimist or an Optimist?



I recently read a book that truly spoke to me and I wanted to share what I learned with all of you. Many of the books that I’ve read about happiness are always stating that “happiness is an attitude” and I’ve realized how true this really is.

Consider these stories of two women: Beth and Grace.


Beth is 26 years old and single. She currently lives with her mom and younger sister and works at a local Starbucks as a barista. Beth is embarrassed about the fact that she still lives at home and has no college degree. She resents having to pay her mother $300/month in rent since she doesn’t make that much money considering she doesn’t have a “real” job.

All of her friends have real jobs and many of them are getting engaged and planning their weddings or having a baby. Beth doesn’t have a boyfriend so she hangs out with any of her friends who have time for her. Most nights Beth ends up at the gym, because most of her friends are busy and aren’t always available to hang out.. Her gym isn’t that fancy and only costs $10/month, so most of the guys there are “gym rats” — she doesn’t talk to them and finds their grunts annoying.

Beth is embarrassed about the fact that she still lives at home and has no college degree.

Beth can’t afford to go to any fancy restaurants, so she cooks most of her meals at home. She finds it hard to believe that this is what her life is like at the age of 26. She is miserable most days and hates looking at her Facebook page, because everyone else is posting fabulous things and she can’t post anything about her life. It is too depressing.



Grace is a co-worker of Beth and is 26 years old. Grace also lives at home with her mom and sister and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is proud of herself for finding a full time job with benefits. Some of her friends do not buy medical insurance but opts instead to pay the tax penalty each year, such irresponsible behavior is definitely not something Grace would ever do!

Grace is proud to contribute to the mortgage by paying rent, and she enjoys cooking a nutricious meal. She shares her cooking with her family over great conversation. Most of her friends think that dinner is a frozen meal that goes into the microwave, those poor souls!

Grace is proud of herself for finding a full time job with benefits.

Grace has a lot of goals for herself in the future considering she doesn’t have a college degree. She is saving quite a bit of money by living at home and plans to eventually go back to school. Since she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she spends lots of time cultivating her friendships, as a result she has a very strong network of friends. Grace even has time to go to the gym 5 times a week and takes many group fitness classes. The men at the gym are always available to help her learn how to use something new, since they are there all of the time.

Grace loves looking at her Facebook page and is always posting updates. She is excited everytime she has an opportunity to share the photos of when she exceeded some milestones in her spinning and yoga classes!


The Same But Different

In case you didn’t notice, Grace and Beth are living the exact same life. The only difference is how they are looking at their lives. Beth sees herself as a “loser with a demeaning job and still lives at home”, so she is miserable. Grace sees herself as a proud contributing member of her family with a zest for life and positive goals for the future.

Ask yourself, are you a Beth or a Grace? You might be surprised at your response. “Happiness” really is just an attitude.


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