Fly an airplane for less than $100 – try something new



(optional: make people call you “Captain”)


Did you know……….


That you can buy an airplane for about the same price as a car??




That learning how to fly an airplane is just like learning how to drive a car??


Anyone over the age of 18 can take lessons and once you pass the exam…….You’re a pilot!!

One Of My Dating Experiences


When I first ventured into online dating, I received a very large number of messages from men who were interested in meeting me.  One of those men was Michael.  

I still remember the first message that he ever sent to me and it definitely stood out from the rest of the messages that I had received.  His message read, “Hi!  Can I fly you to Nantucket for lunch in my airplane?”.  

He also added a few more sentences in there, but that’s what I remember the most from his message.

I was intrigued, of course, and a few weeks later, he did fly me out to Nantucket for lunch.  I was flown to an island right off the coast of my home state in an airplane that he owns and had lunch with him.  

How many people can say that they’ve done that?  How many women can boast about that?  

“Yeah, on my second date this guy flew me to Nantucket for lunch in his airplane.”  This is a great story to tell over drinks at any time!


I Was Intrigued With Aviation

flying an airplane
My first flight, Janine

Since I was intrigued with the world of aviation, I actually decided to take a few flying lessons.  I’m not sure why, but I had always thought that pilots needed to have a super degree in physics in order to fly.  

Does anyone else think that??


The Truth About Getting A Pilot’s License


To be licensed, you need at least 40 hours of flight instruction from an accredited school.  However, the national average for anyone who takes the exam is anywhere from 60-80 hours, depending on who you are talking to.  

To pilot a commercial plane, you would need additional training, but private pilots only need at least 40 hours.  

flying an airplane as captain
this is me, Janine, in the summer of 2015


The license needed to fly a helicopter is different than a pilot’s license and the hours of training for that license is much less.  However, a used helicopter costs much more than a used airplane does.  

You can find a used two seater single engine plane for $35,000 but a used helicopter can run in the six digits.  The helicopter that I flew in the video/picture that you see above is a $785,000 bird.


Finding Deals On Lessons


There are some really cool Groupon deals on “introductory lessons” where you can taxi, fly and land an airplane for less than $100.  These are typically no commitment lessons, which is usually the case with many aviation schools.  Most of the schools charge by the hour instead of “tuition” for a fixed number of hours.  

I really enjoyed the flying lessons that I took, just like I enjoyed my lunch in Nantucket.  I’m happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the chance to learn how to fly an airplane.

So, would you dare to try to fly an airplane??



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