Feeling Flirty: Stiletto Chair Fitness


Finding A New Groupon

We all know how much I LOVE Groupon and it is because there are so many things that a person can try! The other day I was searching for dance class and I came across a flirty dance studio. It looked interesting and since I loved doing Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease DVDs in the past, I bought the Groupon. I ended up signing up for a class called “Chair Flair”. It is basically a sexy chair routine class. How else could this single professional woman possibly start feeling flirty?

Before The Class

The owner and instructor of the studio is Wendy and it happens that she is also the author of “An Idiot’s Guide to Pole Dancing”. She is very funny and definitely sexy and sultry. She used to work as a stripper in major cities like London, so she really knows her business.

According to Wendy, the chair we would be using had to be a non folding chair. This was to prevent accidents and for the best results it should not have an armrest. It would also be better if the chair was lightweight, because we would be moving it quite a bit during the routine. The studio was filled with costumes, jewelry, boots, knee highs, stilettos and pumps. All of these accessories were to help us feel sexy.

I ended up picking up a cute tank top that would match my skinny leggings and high heels. Yes, I actually brought high heels with me and they were the ones with hearts on the bottom. Everyone had a good laugh when I explained why the hearts were there.

Try to guess why the hearts were put on the bottom and if you can’t figure it out, then please email me for the reason!

The studio was filled with costumes, jewelry, boots, knee highs, stilettos and pumps.

The Beginning Of Class

As the class was starting, Wendy demonstrated what we would be learning. Wendy told us, “I’m going to look at you the way girls never look at each other, so don’t feel weird about it. It’s all about the acting and the attitude. I’m sexy and I know it. That’s what you’re going for.”

The most important thing is attitude. I needed to remember this.

Wendy was wearing sneakers before the demonstration, because her feet had been injured from wearing heels for so many years. However, she had changed into heels before starting. She did look much sexier after she put them on, so it must really be true that heels do make a girl feel and look sexier. The dance was great and Wendy had been right, it was weird when she looked at us. I tried to not look at her eyes and concentrated on her legs and body.


During The Class

There was sultry hip hop music playing during the entire class, which helped me loosen up. It reminded me of my early days when I would go out clubbing.

We had to leave our hair down for the class, because during the routine we were supposed to play with our hair in a sexy way. We also had to touch ourselves a lot and Wendy kept yelling out “love yourself”. It wasn’t light touching either, we had to use pressure. Wendy would say “You’re not touching your shirt, you’re touching your body, hug yourself and love yourself!”

There was quite a bit of laughing as we were all awkwardly touching our bodies. After a while, it felt more natural and nice.

We would spin the chair to and from the audience a lot and Wendy would tell us to “stroke the chair and make him jealous”. We laughed because it seemed so weird, but it retrospect in did make sense. It was like “make it seem like you’re in love with the chair, make him wish he was the chair”.

We also had to touch ourselves a lot and Wendy kept yelling out “love yourself”

The End Of Class And Feeling Flirty

We spent the entire class stroking the chair up and down. We also hid behind it, caressed it and looked at it as if it were “sexy”. This was a totally different experience for all of us in the class.

We spent an hour learning all of the different moves in the routine. Then we put on some good music and did the routine from the beginning multiple times. Wendy even gave us some time at the end of class so we could practice on our own as well.


Could This Be Considered A Workout

This isn’t really a cardio workout, but you do need a strong core in order to do the moves correctly. You also have to have a good sense of balance. So, yes it is a workout, even though it is not the workout that you are used to.

Even though it was strange at first, I learned that touching myself instantly made me feel sexier.

If anyone is looking for a quick way to feel sexy, they should really consider one of these flirty fitness routines. Besides chair fitness, there are pole dancing classes and stiletto fitness classes. I’m sure you will be able to find others as well. They seem to be popping up everywhere.

If you are a really shy person, then I would recommend trying out Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease DVDs in the comfort of your own home first.


Get ready for the legendary Lap Dance. This is a step-by-step guide to the sexiest routine around that introduces even more technical moves to your repertoire, so you can tighten and tone while you’re turning someone on. The Lap Dance is sure to make you look good, feel great, and spice up your personal life! In Hip-Hop, Carmen boosts the aerobic intensity through the roof with a routine that’s one of her personal favorites! Carmen combines the sexy confidence of hip-hop dance with some incredible moves that’ll help you tone your way to a dancer’s body!

Overall, the product is classy and well put together. What I loved most is how Lady M introduces transitional moves into your practice. This is important if you’re really interested in being able to really seduce and perform for your lover without awkward “Gosh, what do I do next?” pauses in your dance. I think anyone will also benefit from the Waves, Shimmies, Leg Shimmies and undulations.

Lady M is extremely thorough in showing you movements using everything but a pole – something we all may want, but might not all have – or see economic feasibility to install and implement as of yet (especially if you’re not a homeowner!)

Private Dancer is an intermediate to advanced program that follows basics in Lady Morrigan’s previous programs in exotic dance. The dance movement is luscious, sensual, and a beautiful and feminine art form.
The ” serious about perfection student” in exotic dance can certainly use this program to build on. That is obvious from the very extensive, fabulous 50 minute workout /conditioning for strength and flexibility section!


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