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Facebook In General

There have been numerous studies done about Facebook and depression. They show that people who are spending a lot of time on Facebook are more depressed than people who are not on quite as often. You will see friends and colleagues posting their many vacation pictures, experiences at fancy restaurants, activities they have done and new houses and cars they just bought. Every new day will bring engagement and baby announcements and this can be hard for a single person or a person who wants to have a baby and can’t. Everyone always seems happy in all of their posts.

What no one ever posts is the picture of the awful experiences they have.

Is It All A Lie?

Is everyone who is posting on Facebook really happy? Was their vacation really the best one ever? Was the food at the fancy restaurant really good? Is it really the house of everyone’s dreams?

What no one ever posts is the picture of the awful experiences they have. The best vacation ever had the worst hotel ever with dirty linens. The fancy restaurant gave the person food poisoning for two days straight and the dream house has plumbing problems and terrible neighbors.

All anyone sees is the good stuff, the dreamy stuff. Everyone thinks that their friends are happier, richer and lead more complete lives than they do. You are not just measuring up to one of your friends, but all of them and this is how Facebook and depression comes into play.

If you have to compare yourself to others, make sure you compare everything. While someone may have a nicer ring than you, you might have a better car or you just went on a better vacation.

The more exposure users have to evidence of Facebook friends who are doing better than they are, the more opportunity users have to evaluate themselves negatively.

Studies About Facebook And Depression

Charlotte Blease published a study in the Journal of General Psychology that found 25% of college students who use Facebook are depressed. “The more exposure users have to evidence of Facebook friends who are doing better than they are (whether in the form of photo galleries, status updates, etc.), the more opportunity users have to evaluate themselves negatively.”

In 2013, a study done by the University of Michigan also found that frequent users of Facebook are depressed. A newer study by Margaret Duffy and Edson Tandoc, from the University of Michigan, discovered that “good” usage of Facebook is not linked to depression. Good usage is keeping in touch with friends and family, while bad usage is using it to compare themselves to their peers.


How You Use Facebook Matters

You do not need to stop using Facebook, but be careful of how you are using it. Remember that people only post the best things that happen to them, even if the rest of that day was the worst ever. If you are single, then this is especially important to remember. You need to focus on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is something some of us do unconsciously, and this can be detrimental to your health. Unfortunately, this phenomenon of trying to keep up with your neighbors, can be found everywhere in our culture. It is time to put a stop to it.

You need to focus on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.

The important things in life should not be you having something because someone else does and you need to keep up with everyone. The important things should be you enjoying life the way you want to, with the things that you need.


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