9 Surprising Facts about how men think that will SHOCK you


(as reported on Askmen, Squire, and Match.com)


1.  1/3 of them have faked an orgasm at least once

2. a majority said that if their partner gained a significant amount of weight, they would still stay with her

3. men’s favorite part about a woman

  • 19% her butt

  • 25% her breasts

  • 46% her face

4. 45% of them say they know where the G-Spot is, but would need a little help finding it

5. 51% wouldn’t mind if a woman made more than them


6. 60% love giving oral sex

 7. 71% have fantasized about their partner’s friend(s)

8. 83% would never show friends a racy pic of their partner


9. For 96% of them, their life goal is marriage


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