5 Signs You’re On The Right Track As A Single, Confident Bachelorette


1. When plans get cancelled

You made plans with a guy (or friend/coworker/acquaintance) and they end up cancelling on you. You feel slightly disappointed, but you have so many other things to do that it’s actually kind of nice. You can go practice your swing at the driving range, take a long overdue bubble bath and pamper yourself, catch up on some shows on Hulu that you haven’t had the chance to watch in a while, or read the book that you’ve been meaning to start.

The old you, would have felt angry, rejected, and you would have started to wonder, “Did I do something wrong?” “Does he not like me?” “I have nothing to do now, this Friday night sucks!” “What is wrong with me?”

2. He didn’t call

You went on a date with a guy and he didn’t call. You barely noticed until days later and you were like…OMG I totally forgot about that guy! You recognize the fact that not all two people are a good match for each other and it was not anything that you said or did. It is simply that you weren’t a good match. NEXT!

The old you, would have been clutching to your phone all day, starting immediately after the date, anxiously anticipating the “When can I see you again?” text. If you didn’t get a text from him within 30 minutes you would have immediately felt rejected. You were uneasy the whole night, wondering “Did I say something wrong?” “What did I do?” “Maybe he thinks my pictures look better and I’m terrible looking in person?” “What is wrong with me?”

If you didn’t get a text from him within 30 minutes you would have immediately felt rejected.


3. Your schedule is jam packed the next 7 days

You are so busy, so if anyone wants to make plans with you, they have to let you know at least a week ahead of time. Sometimes all you really have is a 2-hour window to squeeze someone in, right between appointments, errands, and dates.

The old you would be home most nights, frantically scrolling through your cell phone, texting anyone who you think might be available at the last minute. This would happen so you could find someone to hang out with you and you would pretty much do whatever.

4. You totally forgot about that guy

Every now and then you would get messages from men in your past who you’ve totally forgotten about. You are so busy with new activities, hobbies, projects, and dates that you barely noticed that you hadn’t heard from that guy you went on a date with 2 months ago.

The old you would have clutched your phone all day, wondering why no one was texting you. You would have felt bad for yourself. Even after you did get a text and you were crying out in joy, that joy was very short-lived. That was because that night and the next day, you would feel crappy again, and you would need another text to renew that sense of joy. Any day you didn’t get one was crappy.

The old you would have clutched your phone all day, wondering why no one was texting you.


5. You embrace “me” time

Whenever you get a few hours to yourself you embrace it wholeheartedly. You get upset if that “me” time was somehow stolen from you because of other things. You look forward to it and sit down and curl up with a good book and maybe some hot tea or hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. You do absolutely nothing, and you love every moment.

The old you, would feel bad for yourself. While everyone on Facebook seemed to be having so much fun and going on vacations, you were stuck at home, with nothing to do except the TV and some old chocolates. You wondered why you were still a single professional woman and would start to wonder what else was wrong with you.


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