5 Compelling Reasons to try Online Dating (Number 1 will SURPRISE you)

Online Dating

Okay, so you’re single. Again. And this time, you’re thinking about going online for dating. You’ve exhausted all the guys in school or on your campus and there isn’t a single one left you are interested in. Maybe you just graduated college and realize that opportunities to meet new people just aren’t there anymore–those days of bouncing from party to party to meet new people who are all single, are all of a sudden, over.

For every 1 woman online, there are 3 men. Ladies, we get to do the picking!

The prospect of meeting a new guy at the bar isn’t appealing to you. So what, now? Should you ask your friends to fix you up? Well, once you’ve gotten past the “i’m too good for online dating” phase, and realize that everybod(short)y and their cousins are online, there are 5 very important things you need to know about online dating:

1. For every 1 woman online, there are 3 men. Ladies, we get to do the picking! Let it rain men!

2. There are free online dating platforms and there are paid ones.

  • The major free ones are Tinder, POF (Plenty of Fish), and Cupid.
  • The major paid ones are Match.com and Eharmony.com
  • Men on the paid sites are more likely to be looking for a relationship.
  • Men on free ones are more likely to be looking for a quick hookup.

3. There are great men online, there are also creeps online. There are great men in real life. There are also creeps in real life. Deal with it.

4. Men are brutally honest online, but this is a good thing. You don’t have to suffer through a first date to find out that he only wants sex, or that he’s fathered 3 children by 3 different women.

5. There are marriages that happen from online dating, this is not a myth. I am living proof, so are three people I know.


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