12 Questions A Single Professional Woman Should Ask On A First Date


Pre-First Date Questions For A Single Professional Woman

A person’s profile page usually answers the basic demographic questions that you will want to know and the ones that have not been answered should be asked before you decide to meet someone for the first time. It is always best to ask all of these questions sooner than later, so that you know if they have any issues that you will consider a dealbreaker.

After all, you don’t want to meet with someone unless you know that they meet your standards.

It is always best to ask all of these questions sooner than later.

First Date Questions to to help you Cut to the chase without being “nosy”

All of these open ended questions have been adopted from EH advice which is a column from EHarmony. EHarmony is a very successful dating website that boasts a “deeper connection” when matching clients, but it is also one of the more expensive online dating platforms available.

  • Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
  • What kinds of things really make you laugh?
  • What’s your favorite place in the entire world?
  • Who is your best friend? What do you like about him/her?
  • What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
  • What’s your biggest goal in life right now?
  • What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
  • Do you have any pet peeves?
  • What was your family like growing up?
  • What were you like as a kid?
  • What should I know about you that I would never think to ask about?
  • Did you or do you have a nickname? What is the story behind it?

First Date Questions as Suggested by OKCupid

Christian Rudder CEO and cofounder of OKCupid suggests asking two specific questions. The reason he suggests these two questions is because when his site matches people, the successful couples, 2 out of 3 times, have been found to have given the same answer to these questions. Very strange, but it works. Who cares why? Just try them!

Think of your answers to these questions and then see what your date says. If your answers align, consider giving him a chance.

  • Do you like scary movies?
  • Have you ever traveled to another country alone?

date questions

One Of My Favorite Questions To Ask

While I love all of the questions from above, my personal favorite is:

  • What was your day like yesterday (or last weekend)?

The reason that I love to ask this question is because a lot of people say things like “I love to read” or “I love to cook”. However, once I continue to talk to them, I find that the one who “loves to read” has only read 2 or 3 books and that was 2 years ago. I would also find that the person who “loves to cook” will only cook twice a month. The rest of the month he would order out or buy something on his way home from work.

I find that the one who “loves to read” has only read 2 or 3 books and that was 2 years ago

The Truth About People

The truth is that these people are not really trying to misguide you, but they really think that this is who they are. They don’t really even think about it when they are answering. I have seen many profiles where it says that the person is “very active and loves outdoor activities”, but then I have later learned that they only go to the gym once every other week. They played in an adult baseball league over 5 years ago and they went snowboarding 2 winters ago, but only 2 times.

When you ask people “what was your day like yesterday”, it is forcing them to answer this question more truthfully. You will not be able to find out some information from this question. For example, finding out if they travel quite frequently cannot be answered, because this is not something that they would have done the day before. However, it will tell you who the person is on a day to day basis.

This question will give you the truth of who they really are and who they want to be.


Consider the questions before the first date

Before scheduling a meeting with someone from online, you should always have basic questions in your mind that need answers. The answers to these questions will let you know if the person meets your basic requirements or not. The other questions are appropriate for phone conversations or in person meetings after you have decided that they meet your standards.

All of the above questions have been well researched and tried and tested with excellent results.

Anyone who is using an online dating platform should consider starting a list of questions about things that they would like to know about a person. This list can then be refined as you continue to go on more dates. These questions will be able to help you find a good match quicker and easier and you won’t have to go out with as many men that do not meet your standards.


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