10 Types Of Men To Avoid Dating

Just about everyone likes to date, at least at some point in time. However, many people don’t like the drama that can occur during certain relationships. There are a few things that you should be aware of when you are looking for that special someone.

If the man is going through any of the following you will want to stay far, far away.

1. Baby drama

Baby drama can happen when a man is a father and the baby’s mama still wants him back. They will call and text him constantly, because they will need or want something. This type of man will crave the attention and they will let it continue.

2. Emotional ex-girlfriends

If a man is still friends with his ex-girlfriend or his ex is very emotional, then there is a good chance that one of them wants the other back.

3. Ex-girlfriends that are addicts

If the man has an ex that took drugs or had another addiction, you may want to run in the other direction! You probably don’t want to be with someone who has been attracted to those types of women.

4. No photo is available anywhere

If you cannot find a picture of a guy anywhere, then he is either married, attached to someone or he doesn’t like how he looks.

He is not respecting you or your time, even though you are being super respectful of his.

5. Only at his convenience

If the guy always shows up late for a date or wants to meet halfway or only when it is good for him, he is not the one for you. He is not respecting you or your time, even though you are being super respectful of his.


6. Call you for a date at the last minute

If a guy calls at the last minute to see if you are available for that evening, he is probably trying to fill in some time. He most likely already had plans that fell through at the last minute, he’s really bored or he couldn’t find anyone else that would go out with him.

7. Middle of the night text messages

You should never answer a text from a man when it comes in during the middle of the night. You can wait to answer when it is a decent hour and if they were really interested, they won’t mind at all.

8. Beware of out of towners

If you meet a guy who is from out of town or a college student from out of town, you will want to steer clear! They do not plan on sticking around and they just want to have fun for a short period of time.

  • I once started talking with a doctor who was doing his residency in New York City and I asked him what his plans were when he finished. He said that he planned on going back home, so I didn’t even bother going out with him. He wouldn’t have changed his plans about moving, so why would I want to even try to have a relationship with him? What would that say about my life right now? Could it really be that bad?
  • A lot of times, people from out of town are bored and lonely, so they will talk to anyone.

9. Last minute cancellations

If a guy cancels at the last minute during any of the first three dates, he will definitely not be worth your time.

10. Time wasters

There are many guys out there who will talk to you for hours on end, but they will never ever ask you out on a date.


If you take the advice from above and avoid all of those types of men, you will be that much closer to finding the man of your dreams. It still might take a few dates with different men, but at least the dates you do go on can be an enjoyable experience.


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